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Creativity Stop keeping ideas in your mind and bring them to life! Our Entrepreneurship courses will familiarize and give the students full confidence to start their journey as creative entrepreneurs. We tackle topics related to fund raising, market strategy, accounting, agile management and more throughout the course.

what do we do? One of the most satisfying things in life is the feeling of ownership. At KidoCode we coach students to be the creators and owners of amazing tools, ideas, and businesses. We constantly motivate our students to make their ideas a reality by turning their passions into sustainable innovations for humanity.

Who should learn? This program is for those who want to change the world! Throughout the modules, our students learn how to turn their ideas into real products. When a 16-year-old Vietnamese boy builds Flappy Bird, or the average employee age at Google or Facebook is less than 30, then having a 25-year-old CEO isn't surprising at all! your child is not an exception! because when we teach kids how to turn ideas into successful businesses, adding power of latest technology, nothing can stand in their way!

what will you do? Starting your journey with us means joining our large family of creative professionals, encompassing both students and staff. So if you're looking for a team with diverse expertise to take you to greater heights, we've got you covered.

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Business Management

As a young entrepreneur, you'll nail down all the essential topics to get you started like fund raising, company structure, stocks and how to prepare business plans. more

Principles of Marketing

Become an excellent marketer who knows how to effectively target and market your product with the right tools, approaches and success metrics. more

Financial Accounting

Learn the key principles in business, finance and accounting, that covers everything from balance sheets and financial tracking to cash flow analysis. more

Team & Project Management

Become a fantastic project manager that delivers results utilizing agile management, scrum, task control diagrams and more. more

Code & Math for Kids & Teens from 5 to 18

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