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what you will learn! Ever had an idea that you couldn't verbalize? Cat got your tongue while speaking in public? Worry not. We've built a course to help you communicate your ideas effectively, logically and with impact. In our Techno Talk course, we show you how to logically find answers, search for facts and then present them in fantastic ways to engage and convince audiences. We dive into topics in science, philosophy, and history to engage you in all kinds of debates and discussions that will improve your general knowledge, storytelling ability and build your confidence.

what you will do! everybody love stories! learning how to create your own should be a skill that's taught effectively to everyone. in this module, you'll learn how to pick your objective, approach, hook and even how to organize your speaker notes so that your speech flows easily and confidently.

what we will do! understand and build your own public speaking style. we'll cover things such as segmenting the audience, adding emotion, losing the jargon, creating a vibrant structure, making the most of slide software, rehearsing your material, getting the most out of q&a and more. so join us, and tell your story!

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Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, and reason. More practically, it is used in areas of debate to provide a fantastic framework of exposure to the world of logic and reasoning.

Speech Technique

Speech technique is an important aspect communication that can be taught, practiced and developed to deliver information and ideas in a more effective, desireable and customized approach.

Body Language

Body language is a form of nonverbal communication in which physical behaviors are used to express or convey information. It is a vital aspect of communication where conscious and unconscious movements and postures communicate different attitudes and feelings towards a particular topic or audience.

Research Methodology

Research methodology is a term used to assess how research is done, and usually refers to the scientifically tested method. It tells us how to systematically approach a problem, to help us understand the processes and methods involved in obtaining and verifying the compiled information.

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