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Get trained - get a Job!! Literacy isn't what it used to be. Jobs now require more proficiency in utilising digital tools and design more effectively. Remember, the basics of these tools and communication skill set is now a MUST for any job. Here at KidoCode, we train you for the future!

ready for new skills you are not a geek because you can use a calculator, that's just too basic. we are now moving into digital economy, so go for new skills. at kidocode, we are waiting for you!!

Knowledge worker - Be one!! Keep in mind! Speaking, Writing, Drawing, Reading, and math are now being translated into the digital landscape, which is important for any knowledge worker. Here we are giving you a platform where you can create your own content through videos, illustration or storytelling. Are you up for that?

go digi!! digital skills include everything from managing email campaigns to monetizing and publishing your youtube channel. in time to come, you will realize that having these skills have proven to be equally as important as knowing how to use a calculator.

"Four Steps to Broadcast Yourself"

YouTube Engineering

You can now go through the entire process of filming, editing and even animating videos. unleash your creation with tools like adobe photoshop, premiere and work with hi-tech equipment. more

VR Creation

Create your own world through virtual reality. Dive into endless possibilities of 3D geometry and dive into the physical world with HTML5 & WebVR. virtual reality is becoming an increasingly popular industry. more

Digital Art

Get basic knowledge in Graphic designing with Adobe suite and make your websites, apps, and games more beautiful and functional. kickstart your career as a digital artist with us! more

Public Speech

Communication skills are extremely important and it is something that ordinary schools do not teach you. Come to us and become a proficient presenter, debater & a great story teller. more

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