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To know about your kids coding background, please share with us some info about their school.

      Students Class Session

      • Welcoming 5 Mins

        Our team and trainer welcome the student and brief them before starting the activity

      • Student Class 40 Mins

        Student will be doing Python programming, creating a mobile game, creating their first web page with HTML & CSS, or doing an electronic project! Sometimes more than one!

      • Info and Feedback 10 Mins

        The student will be given the information about courses, share their feedback, and continue the activity if they are keen to explore further.

      • In the end, students will show their work to the parent and share their feedback about the session.

      Parents Session

      • Welcoming 5 Mins

        Our team welcomes parent and gives a brief before starting the activity.

      • Let's take a closer look into KidoCode's vision and mission, detailed curriculum structure, and our teaching methods.

      • We will share how you can join our community and the best recommendation package to enroll for your child.

      • In the end, you will see what your child has done in the trial class and we will share our assessment. Be ready, your child will amaze you.

      • We are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you decide to enroll your child, various offers await you. The best offer goes if you sign up instantly. But if you need some time to consider, there will also be some offer if you sign up within the same month.

What is it? Kidocode provides certified courses in entrepreneurship, software engineering, and digital arts for kids & teens between the ages of 5-18. The live trial class is designed to give a glimpse of Kidocode’s classes to students and parents. Through our AI-enabled learning system, we are successfully teaching over 7055 students.

What are the activities? Our unrivalled learning system takes advantage of artificial intelligence. Children who attend the trial class can experience our teaching methods, learning approach, and do activities in Python Programming and Math, Mobile App Development, Electronics & Robotics, and Web Development.

Coding using Python

Kids and teens will be writing codes in Python twisted together with Mathematics.

Create a Mobile App

Using MIT App Inventor, learn how to create a mobile app and download to share it with everyone!

Work with Electronics

Work with microcontrollers, Arduino, master the basics of electronics, ... .

Launch a website

Learn how to design a website in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and publish it online using Cloud services.

*Activities may vary depending on the kids' level of ability and understanding, experience in coding, and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

As parents, you may have many questions on your mind before attending our Trial class. we've got you covered!

When can I schedule a Trial class?

Trial classes are being conducted on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Register here and we will contact you to arrange your schedule.

What will my kids do?

Kids and teens will have activities in writing Python codes with Math, create their first mobile app, or work with Arduino in Electronics using C programming. *Activities may vary.

Is it one-to-one training?

Our teaching approach enhances the kids' self learning skills by letting them learn from our system. However, the trainers will always be around them to give guidance, coaching, and assitance.

Why do parents have to attend?

We prepared a fantastic presentation for the parents to share our courses, teaching approaches, how you may join us, and show you what your kids have done.

Are my kids too young or too old?

We developed our own system where kids and teens will have an adaptive and personalised learning. It is never too young nor too old for them to start learning coding!

My kids have done coding before. are these classes necessary?

Great! Then it will be a good jumpstart for them to explore a deeper understanding of coding. All the students will have a personalised learning based to their own level and pacing.

My kids have difficulty speaking english

No worries at all! While our language of communication is in English, we have multinational and local trainers to help the kids to communicate better and understand the tasks.

Are materials provided?

Yes! All materials will be provided in on-campus trial class, you don't need to bring anything. For online trial class, you will need to have a computer that is connected to a keyboard.

What is the price range?

We have several packages you can choose from based on the activity and your child’s assessment. We will discuss it with you during the Trial class. Estimated pricing is between RM17 to RM50 per hour depending on the package you choose.

Booking confirmation

Parents will receive confirmation message regarding the schedule and reminder messages few days and one day before the Trial class for re-confirmation. For changes, please call our team.

Where is your location?

Our awesome classes are being held at Block L, Level 5, Unit 01. Entrance is by the roundabout. We are 5 floors above Cold Storage. You will see the big KIDOCODE bunting and we are there!

How is the class schedule like?

After Trial class, once they are registered, classes are conducted 7 days a week, 10AM-6PM, even on Public Holidays! The schedule is flexible! Come any time, any day! See you soon!

"A few words from our students"

There is no one better than our very own students to put your doubts to rest

People say many things! More

A great place to develop and nurture talents. My son from Vietnam studied there for 3 weeks during summer and he loves Kidocode so much that he keeps asking me to send him there to study. UncleCode is a great role model for him.

Tran Viet Huong, a person

My 7yo son can spend 4hrs here doing coding, which is the same time he spent playing games at home! Now, less games as he loves coming here doing games coding instead! Thanks kidocode; the founder, the cool teachers and the helpful and friendly staff!! Hope more parents will discover this program.

Fatimah Audah Md Zaki, a person

Great place for young minds. Amazling, supportive teachers and office staff. If you are bringing your daughter for a class, be amazed by how much free stuff can she get, if she enrolls for a course.

Abid Hussain, a cool person