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Who are we? KidoCode is an IT company providing new solutions in STEM and computer science education for kids and teens focusing on computational thinking using world level contents and self learning skills. We are providing a wide variety of courses from very basic for kids to very advance and professional for software developers as well as university lecturers.

What is KidoCode internship about? In order to develop a strong and sustainable community of passionate and strong students and knowledge workers, KidoCode provides internship for university students and fresh graduates to not only to develop its own permanent staff but also provide a launch pad and incubator for young job seekers and future entrepreneurs.

Basic requirements

Good teamwork, passionate about learning, good communication skills, self-learner, independent, fluent in English


Coaching kids and teens through the KidoCode syllabus and helping them over time management and problem solving skills


Nice and lively environment, high quality trainings, full-time job positions, building your personal branding


Challenging your knowledge to the max and improve your skills in variety of fields such as programming, science, mathematics, media and ...

"Start your awesome journey of success"

A few words from our interns! More


I joined KidoCode in early 2015 as intern while I was going for my Year 2 University Studies. Upon completion of my Level 2, I continued as a part time Junior developer and trainer mostly focusing on training kids and learning new technologies used at KidoCode, I attended KidoCode every day I didn’t have class and sometimes after classes. After successfully obtaining my Bachelors degree is Software Engineering I was offered a full time position as developer. And the journey goes on....

Fatima, Software Developer @KidoCode
Carol Tsai Jia Ru

My internship period in KidoCode is amazing. I graduated my diploma in Customer Services. I learned all my programming skill through KidoCode. Now I know how do coding in Python, HTML, CSS, C++ and more. After I finished my internship, I continue to work at KidoCode as a full time trainer. I have developed 2 website and currently I'm developing new content on the mobile application. KidoCode is really a place that provides a UNIQUE internship then the others.

Carol Tsai Jia Ru, trainer @KidoCode
Tran Viet Huong

My internship period at KidoCode was a very enjoyable one. Where I experience what its like to have one foot in the working world, preparing me for whats to come in other working environment.

Arif, Engineering Technology In Computer Systems

Internship Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join as a full-time member after internship?!

Depends on your performance and teamwork, we have plenty of job opportunities as trainer, developer, content developer, promoter, marketer, animator and more

Is there any chances to become a professional developer?

After passing our internship programs with full efforts you can join us as a junior software developer in our developing team.

"Our awesome internship plans!"

You can choose your suitable plan of internship. For choosing the advance internship, you would need to have prior knowledge of programming or have finished the basic internship. Please note that all internships are planned for 6 months and you would take to the level your time and efforts afford.

2-12 Months (RM0-RM2000/Month)

  • Basic

    In Basic plan you will:

    • Deal with different types of data
    • Learn statistical analysis of data
    • Learn and apply data visualization
    • Learn and apply data analysis
    • Learn and apply different algorithm
  • Intermediate

    In Intermediate plan you will learn:

    • Machine learning theory
    • Learn Regression
    • Clustering
    • Preprocessing
  • Advance

    In Advance plan you will learn:

    • Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)
    • Data mining
    • Research and projects

2-12 Months (RM0-RM2000/Month)

  • Front-End HTML/CSS/JS

    You will develop attractive user interfaces by utilizing technologies such as HTML5; used for page structuring, CSS3; used for page beautification, and JavaScript; used for adding user interaction with animation.

  • Back-End Python

    The back-end acts as a communication layer between your database and the front end, processing incoming data from the client-side and storing it in the database, and vice versa. In KidoCode, you will utilize several tools and frameworks to create a server for a web application.

  • Database NoSQL

    See all that wonderful stuff on websites that store information, particularly for registration and login? We can do this by saving the information in a database! MongoDB is one of the most popular (NoSQL) databases taught at KidoCode.

  • Cloud Services APIs, Heroku, AWs, GitHub

    Do you want to show off your websites to others? But what if the files are already on your computer? Hmm, let's put it in the cloud so that others may see your awesome websites as well! Perhaps we can also utilize APIs to link your front-end, back-end, and deployment systems.

2-12 Months (RM0-RM2000/Month)

  • Basic

    In Basic plan you will:

    • Learn basic HTML and CSS
    • Learn Javascript
    • Create Portfolio
    • Learn basic OOP Programming (C#, C++)
    • Learn Game Design
  • Intermediate

    In Intermediate plan you will:

    • Learn Lua(Roblox), Unity By following the content
    • Create your own game with Lua and Unity
    • Publish your game on your portfolio, and LinkedIn
  • Advance

    In Advance plan you will:

    • Learn PhaserJs, KaboomJs and C++(GameDev) by following the content
    • Create your own game with PhaserJs, KaboomJs and c++
    • Publish your game on your portfolio, and LinkedIn

2-12 Months (RM0-RM2000/Month)

2-12 Months (RM0-RM2000/Month)

  • 2D graphic Adobe Illustrator

    You are going to learn about 2D graphic, design the objects and characters in vector software like Adobe Illustrator, and you will learn more learn about vector skills design to use it for 2D animation software.

  • 2D Animation Adobe After Effect

    It will be so amazing for you to be that you able to create and design your own characters and bring it to life using 2D animations and learn animation by using Adobe After Effects.

  • Videography Adobe Premier Pro

    You will learn about online and offline editing in post-production, color correction, videography technique and lighting, camera and equipment

  • Photography Adobe Photoshop

    You will learn about camera, lenses, lighting, editing and much more. You will have the chance to be part of a professional team providing photography services.

2-12 Months (RM0-RM2000/Month)

  • Research

    You would participate in our research team in the field of education to study the current education systems around the world as well as history , philosophy and future of education.

  • Computer science for computational thinking

    One of the most successful and modern approaches in education is focusing on "Computational thinking" and one of the best approaches towards computational thinking training is "Computer science". You would get familiar with the principles and challenges in this field.

  • Training

    You would get hands-on experience in training a wide variety of children including : Early ages as young as 3 - 4 years old , teenagers, adults and students with particular needs in their education path such as autistic, dyslexic, ADHD and so on and so forth.

  • Publication

    Depends on your qualification , you would participate in some parts of our publication team to publish scientific articles.

2-12 Months (RM0-RM2000/Month)

  • Basic Business, Marketing, Finance, and Entrepreneurship
    • Learn the theories of Business and subjects relating to opening a business
    • Strategising and Management Practice
    • Absorb the experience of Professional performance, conduct, and attitudes in a working management environment
    • Theory into Practice Projects
    • Develop and train networking skills.
    • Develop an understanding of theories and management skills to branch them into content.
  • Intermediate Business Proposals, Analyze Financial Statements
    • Elevate Personal work-ready skills and attributes, articulate career goals and interests
    • Utilize work-ready management and industry knowledge in a workplace environment
    • Theory into Practice Projects
    • Develop Presentation Skills and team working skills
    • Experience Workshop Handling
    • Involvement in development projects for the department.
    • Mix and match between different departments to gain experience in various fields
  • Advanced Entrepreneurship
    • Learn how to start your own business
    • Mix and match between different departments to gain experience in various fields

2-12 Months (RM0-RM2000/Month)

  • 3D modeling fundamentals

    First of all, you will be learning the fundamentals of 3D modeling such as how to converting 2D plans to 3D. We will be focusing more on creating 3D designs using Computer Aided Design (CAD) applications.

  • Fabrication & Production

    Learning how to translate digital 3D design products into real-like products is important too. We provided different tools such as 3D printers and laser cutters for creating our 3D design into real-life products.

  • Real life Applications

    We will learn how to tackle real-life problems and solve them by creating 3d designs. Understanding the material types and the design allows us to create a better design that can last longer and efficiently.

  • Idea Visualization

    Learn how to visualize the products that we create using CAD applications and propose the ideas.

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