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We recommend no longer than 40 minutes of continuous screen time without a break. This claim is backed by many credible sources and recognized experts on child development and health. Contact us to find out more.

Yes, we began our journey as KidoCode in Malaysia since 2015. Click here to read more about us.

Fantastic. But don't take our word for it. Seeing is believing. So come over here for our Trial Class and see for yourself.

we don't see you as a customer. We see you as a partner who wants to be a part of the future of education, who will empower the society. we're looking for serious people who don't see money as an obstacle, issue, or concern when it comes to investing in the future of their children. come for our trial class to find out exactly what you can pay to be part of our community.

Yes, we have special offers for parents who want to register more than one kid at KidoCode. Come to our Trial Class to find out more.

personalized education system provides a unique learning path and curriculum for each and every student that is based on their interests and goals. an adaptive learning system provides the ability to learn about the student, adjust the difficulty, and modulate various parameters as the students progress through the curriculum. both of these features are an important parts of the new age of education which allows people to have a diverse education based on their own interests and capabilities.

Yes. We provide certification to all students that complete our courses.

We are flexible, personalized and adaptive. It really depends on your consumption habits. Come for our Trial Class to find out more.

We take our students security very very very seriously here at KidoCode. Once you become a student here, you will always be accompanied to be dropped off or picked up from our premises. No student is allowed to leave the KidoCode premises unsupervised or without permission.

KidoCode is open 10AM - 6PM every single day! That's right! Even on public holidays.

As much as we'd love to think coding is an extracurricular activity, it really isn't. Computational thinking skills are becoming a basic requirement in every major education system around the world. Your child needs to learn coding to have any kind of impact in the digital economy that is still outpacing the industrial economy by far and large. Try learning with KidoCode, and trust that we will do our level best to find a way to make it interesting for each and every child.

Our courses are taught entirely in English and only basic comprehension is necessary to progress through the course materials, regardless of age. We have a multinational team, with many of our trainers speaking multiple languages and assisting our students who have difficulty conversing in English. Come for our Trial Class to find out more.