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Why coding? Coding is a fundamental skill that children need to learn regardless of their future career to lead the world of the future. Coding allows kids to be creative, and utilise the full power of the technology at their fingertips.

Game addiction! What is the madness that drives human beings to spend 6,000,000 hours per month (2017) playing games? What if you could unlock that addiction in learning and education? Well, we found a way to make any subject especially addictive and fun to learn, using a gamified AI driven platform.

Computational Thinking! With technology transforming our world at an unprecedented rate, there is a huge need for computational thinkers that can devise solutions with the attitude to "do more with less" and the power of the computational tools at their disposal.

Who are we? We are an educational movement that strives to change the way kids learn and mould the generation of tomorrow. We've taught over 7210 students and have a fiery passion for making learning fun. We're tackling the inadequacies of the traditional education system head-on.

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Software Engineering

500 hours of content on building web apps, mobile apps, games, robots, and more to turn kids' ideas into real products. more



For those want to change the world! Learn about finance, marketing, pitching, presentation and deal-making. more


Public Skills

Digital Public Skills

Get trained in the art of YouTube engineering, digital arts, communication and more to broaden your creative skill set. more


Business Management

Business Management

As a young entrepreneur, you'll nail down all the essential topics to get you started like fundraising, company structure, stocks and how to prepare business plans. more

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No Scheduling, No Expiry KidoCode is open 10AM-6PM, 365 days a year. Even on public holidays! Don't worry about scheduling, coming late, or missing out on classes.

Access Anytime, Anywhere! too Busy or living far away? We provide home access for practice at home. It's the reason we have dozens of students from Ipoh, Penang, Johor and more.

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Why Us? Our unrivalled learning system in combination with passionate trainers and coaches helps to deliver a unique and personalized learning experience. To read more about how great we are, click here

Schedule Free & No Expiry

KidoCode is open 10AM-6PM, 365 days a year. Even on public holidays! Even when there is an earthquake :P more

Flexible Timing

Take the time you need to complete the curriculum within your own capabilites and at your own pace. more

Personalized Learning

Passionate trainers, AI, and customised curricula to feed kids with the exact nutrients their brains require. more

Home Access

Learning should never stop, so neither do we. Practice existing tasks at home and become a self-learner. more

Learn Math with Coding (IGCSE & Python)

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"A few words from our students"

There is no one better than our very own students to put your doubts to rest

People say many things! More

A great place to develop and nurture talents. My son from Vietnam studied there for 3 weeks during summer and he loves KidoCode so much that he keeps asking me to send him there to study. UncleCode is a great role model for him.

Tran Viet Huong, a person

My 7yo son can spend 4hrs here doing coding, which is the same time he spent playing games at home! Now, less games as he loves coming here doing games coding instead! Thanks KidoCode; the founder, the cool teachers and the helpful and friendly staff!! Hope more parents will discover this program.

Fatimah Audah Md Zaki, a person

Great place for young minds. Amazing, supportive teachers and office staff. If you are bringing your daughter for a class, be amazed by how much free stuff can she get, if she enrolls for a course.

Abid Hussain, a cool person